CQ, Goddess of All Things Slash

As if I didn't have enough on my plate...

CNA classes, Kaplan Classes (3 of them), not to mention another fanfiction going on at FF.net, as well as waiting poll results for other stories to write at FF.net...what on earth am I doing?

I just *had* to stumble across a fabulous community that tweaked my interest. rarepair_shorts has one of the best done info pages and it answered all of my questions before I could even ask them!! And so...I've bitten the bullet.

Here...is my Prompt List...hopefully I'll get approved. :)

HP Rare-Pair Challenge
Author: coming_quietly
Pairing: Neville/Harry
Progress: 0/13
1. Stillness is a lie
2. Hear the silence
3. Like footprints in the sand
4. A house is not a home
5. Knight in shining whatever
6. Masquerade
7. Laughter
8. The game of compromise
9. A veritable treasure trove
10. I declare
11. By the book
12. What’s his/her name
13. That’s another story

Cross your fingers!!


P.S. 32 degrees and falling....